Project Logistics Dept. - 上海益格国际货运代理有限公司

Project Logistics Dept.

        The Project logistics department as the main part of Eagle,which scope   includes  undertaking the import and export businesses for our clients and handling the transportation,we will provide a series of services for owners,such as booking、Storage、port transiting、customs clearance、inspection、counsel..etc.Besides,our key point is to establish business relation with the corporation which has project will be enter into and has proceeded abroad.
        We possess of the best logistics service consciousness,professional operation  level,the excellent team-working concept and rich project experience ,with the perfect logistics network coverage,advanced hardware equipment and strict operation specification,only in this way can we design a comprehensive、professional 、personalized logistics settlement scheme and make a whole journey logistics plan and site operation service for varies of complicated project,and then ensure the quality of the project.



1.settle the ocean shipping,the inland and inland river transportation of  kinds of steel,cement,project equipment,vehicle,hydropower station equipment and any ultrahigh and over-wide cargoes.
2. import and export cargoes terminal service/storage/loading(discharging) & cargo lashing & consolidation, etc.
3. Inland transportation route design,examining transportation limitations such as road width、tunnel height、 river depth、bridge strength、analyzing traffic situations along the track, considering weather factors, to ensure safety and smoothness through entire  transportation process.
4. concerned legal support&solution coverage.
5. strictly subject to every kind cargo's transportation specification
6. full-route follow-up and feedback