Marine import & export Dept. - 上海益格国际货运代理有限公司

Marine import & export Dept.


        Marine import and export department is a traditional and important business part of Eagle international freight forwarding co.,ltd , there are five shipping lines, specialized in undertaking marine business and related others of import&export containerized cargoes, including booking, transit, container devanning, customs clearance, commodity inspection, insurance and related services. Marine department provides integrated container logistics services, including ordinary dry containers, hanging suitcase, refrigeration cooler, open box, frame box and other booking business. Equipped with  perfect electronic business booking platform, and convenient transportation tracking system.

European lines: Closed cooperated with MSK/MSC/CMA/CSCL/HANJIN/EMC/ZIM/K - LINE etc many shipping companies , first-rate, enough spaces, professional services, plus a powerful agent network in Europe so it is your first choice.

Asia Lines : Closed cooperated with MCC/EMC/HANJIN/CNC/NYK/YML/SITC etc many shipowners , high quality rate, good service, especially in southeast Asia lines, several voyages per week can better meet different requirements of customers.

India and Pakistan, red sea lines:
Based on stable customer group, plus big support of  YML/CMA/HANJIN/APL/EMRATES etc many  shipowners, we continue to win the market , so it turn to a big characteristic service of Eagle.

America lines: it is one of the most strong lines we owned, SUD/EMC/MSK, CMA is our long-term advantaged partners, we set up offices in Los Angeles, can provide you truck transportation and customs clearance services in all of the inland areas  in entire United States.

Anz lines:Closed cooperated with HANJIN/YML/EMC/NYK/TS shipping companies, will promote our services to a high level, freight will be cheaper, you will get perfect service;

Marine department accumulate logistics operation experience  more than 10 years , which make Eagle won a stable status in Shanghai logistics market ,and a wide range of customers and a good fame as well.